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Heyho Minecraft friends,

It is our pleasure to present you the 1.20 update for our game mode Bingo
As the name of today's update suggests, all the features of the latest Minecraft version are now also available in Bingo.

Which innovations we have implemented exactly and how they can affect the gameplay, we would like to briefly explain to you in the following 😉

New items on the bingo map

Through the update to Minecraft version 1.20, we were able to noticeably expand the scope of items to be found on the bingo map. In addition to the newly introduced cherry wood, the bamboo wood will also expand the respective item group in the difficulty category "Very easy" in the future. We can also be happy about the brand-new pottery shards, which can now be found in cold/warm ocean ruins, desert wells and desert temples, as well as in the new structure "path ruin". A full 20 discs can now be found as a hard item on the bingo map. Furthermore, the difficulty category "Very Hard" will be expanded extensively by the new forging templates. These can be found and excavated in almost all Minecraft structures, which will make exploring the map even more exciting in the future.

In addition to the aforementioned items from 1.20, we also took a look at the items from previous Minecraft versions with this update and decided to include a not insignificant portion of them in the item pool. As a result, you can now also find items on the bingo map that you get by trading with a traveling merchant or a Piglin. In addition, from now on you should also know exactly what contents the chests of shipwrecks, nether fortresses and ancient cities hold. You might encounter them more often from now on.

Apart from the new items, there were also some adjustments to the item balancing. Besides some logic-based adjustments, a rebalancing of the items/blocks that are related to bees has been made. Thus, the honeycomb, the honey bottle and the bee nest will no longer be found in the difficulty category "Normal", but in the difficulty category "Hard". The honey block, for which you previously had to harvest at least two bees' nests, has been removed from the "Very difficult" difficulty category.

New achievements and new spawn platform skin

For our success-hungry players, there are of course a total of 10 new achievements with this update. You can expect 4 new normal achievements, 4 new puzzle achievements and 2 new long-term achievements.

Due to the "Cherry Grove" biome released with Minecraft version 1.20, there is also another spawn platform skin, which can be unlocked by completing the (new) achievement "Tasty Mouth". The spawn platform skin can be activated or deactivated via the cosmetics menu (accessible via the diamond in the waiting lobby or the command "/cosmetics"), just like the other spawn platform skins.

Other adjustments

Reduction of dungeons

Items that can be found in the chests of dungeons (e.g. saddles, records, nameplates or horse armor) have lost significant rarity due to the high spawn probability of dungeons. To make the corresponding items a bit rarer again, the number of generated dungeons (monster spawners) has been reduced by 30%.

Faster night

The start time of a round has been moved from sunrise to mid-morning. This is to ensure that the night (and thus the monster spawn) starts after 6.5 minutes of game time instead of 10.5 minutes. We want to make it easier to find items that require the appearance of certain creatures (e.g. slime, Enderman, etc.).

Following on from this, we have also decided to significantly advance the spawn of phantoms. They no longer appear on the second night, but can appear directly on the first night. 

As usual, you can take a look at the full changes of the update in our detailed changelog.

Last but not least, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our most experienced game design content Laubfrosch7, who once again took care of the creation of this well thought-out concept in record-breaking time and managed the project management of this epic update in his usual professional manner. 

Of course, a special thanks also goes to our long-time developer Summerfeeling, who perfected the mode to an unprecedented level through the developmental implementation of this revolutionary project. We are already looking forward to the next exhilarating Minecraft versions, which we hope he will also accompany with such outstanding euphoria.

Furthermore, we would also like to thank our indispensable quality assurance content UselessGeld, who took care of the formidable investigation of all content of this fundamental update. We would also like to thank our lovely Zunano, who created this stunning design with her incomparable and unsurpassable talent.

We hope you like the update! Let us know what you think about the new features in Minecraft version 1.20. Of course, we are always open for improvements! We look forward to feedback and your creative suggestions 😊

With kind regards

Your GommeHD.net Team


Developer Summerfeeling
Game Design Laubfrosch7
Public Relations Zunano
Quality Assurance UselessGeld