BedWars | Item Beta-UPDATE

Heyho Minecraft friends,

We are happy to present you a new update for our game mode BedWars. You can expect brand new items, which enter the game mode in the form of an item beta. The newly published tips can be a helpful support during the gameplay, for example, to use the new items better.

Item Beta

Our first ever item beta in BedWars begins today! You'll have the ability to test out 14 new items and to give feedback on them. As always, you can share this feedback with us in our forum, but you should follow our guidelines. To ensure a fair gaming experience, we will also be making balance adjustments during this time. After a test period of several weeks, we will evaluate the feedback and finally decide whether to remove, keep or adjust the items. Additionally, the overall store inventory has been reworked, which is why already existing items have been moved to other categories.

New Items

  • Sneaker (16 Bronze)
    Place the Sneaker to protect your team from enemy's speed. As soon as an enemy walks on the Sneaker, they will receive a slowness effect.

  • Explosive Vest (20 Iron)
    Use this vest to avenge your death. Once you are killed, your surroundings will explode.

  • Particle Gun (15 Iron)
    The Particle Gun allows you to fire a magical rainbow beam at your enemies. The beam deals damage up to a distance of 15 blocks away.

  • Rod (16 Iron)
    If you hit an enemy with the fishing rod, it will be directly reeled towards you.
  • Instant Death (6 Iron)
    Use Instant Death to get to your base in the fastest way possible.
  • Freezer (6 Iron)
    Hit your opponents with the Freezer to freeze them for 3 seconds. By doing so, you make them immobile and they become easy prey.
  • Mobile Shop (10 Iron)
    The Mobile Shop allows you to make purchases outside your base. Create a personal merchant, who disappeas after 60 seconds and can be used by any player.
  • Portal (8 Gold)
    Creating a Portal connects two locations of your choice. By entering a it, you will land directly at its exit.
  • Tracker (2 Gold)
    By purchasing the tracker, no position will remain unknown. Find opponents as well as your own team.

  • C4 (4 Gold)
    With the C4, unexpected situations are predetermined. After placing it, you can detonate the C4 from a safe distance.
  • Meteorite Rain (12 Gold)
    Throw this grenade at a location to cause a galactic meteor rain. A five second cooldown helps you escape the havoc.
  • Super TNT (7 Gold)
    Catapult players to unimaginable heights by placing the Super TNT, forcing them to make an MLG. Otherwise the breathtaking view will be their demise.
  • Contact Mine (64 Bronze)
    Contanct Mines will explode as soon as they are run over.

  • Falling Bridge (4 Iron)
    The Falling Bridge provides an easy way to reach the lower levels safely.

Adjustable Tips
As in our other game modes, we have now added tips to the waiting lobby in BedWars. They will give you an insight of individual items and tactics. However, if you are already a real expert, you can deactivate them with the command "/toggletips" in the corresponding waiting lobby.

Finally, we wish you a lot of fun while playing and hope for your feedback, because this way you can contribute to the future of the game mode! A big thanks goes to Maariuus for the great design, Pylath and Vortrag for the conception, the i18n team for the translations and TrainmasterHD for the implementation of the update.

May your bed be the last one standing!
Your GommeHD.net Team