BedWars | Base Defense

Heyho everyone,

We are very happy to present to you the long-awaited Base Defense update today. The previously locked category in the Upgradeshop is now available.

Main functionality
The base defenses, just like the traps, can be purchased through the Upgradeshop for diamonds.
The layout of the inventory is also the same here. In the center, the four different defenses are available for purchase. Once you have bought a defense, it appears in one of the three available defense slots in the upper row. Per filled slot the price increases, if all are filled no further defense can be bought. However, if one is destroyed by an enemy, the slot will be freed again.
Once you have purchased a defense, it will automatically spawn near your own bed. If there is no enemy nearby, they will move freely within a certain radius of their spawn.
However, if they have an enemy in their sights, they can temporarily leave the base for an attack.

» Wolf
The wolf is the perfect defense against explosive sheep. Once he has killed a sheep, the TNT is also defused.

» Conduit
The Conduit behaves a little differently than the other mobs. Unlike them, it hovers in one place and can't move. Instead, it shoots a laser at nearby enemies, which can only be stopped by breaking eye contact.

» Blaze
Should things get hot, the Blaze can fend off attackers with its flames. It is also resistant to any explosion damage.

» Iron Golem
The Iron Golem can be very intimidating with its many health points and powerful attacks. While it doesn't have the greatest range, it does have decent penetrating power. It also doesn't get any knockback from attacks.

Further changes
In addition to the base defenses, the update also adds a new structure, the protective wall, to the Item shop. Furthermore, you can expect small changes to QuickBuy and the Forcemap system. You can read more about this in the changelog linked below.

We wish you all a lot of fun with the new features and hope that you like them! Of course, we are still open for suggestions and feedback, in order to design the game mode according to your wishes.
Many thanks to @Nico_ND1 for the technical implementation of this update!

Best regards
Your GommeHD.net server team