2 years of CityBuild

Heyho Minecraft friends,

CityBuild is now 2 years old!
Of course, the End is returning for this event, this time with new enemies! But not only the End is getting a makeover, but the Nether as well.

End Event

Like last year, you can get to the End event through the portal at spawn. You can also warp directly into the End dimension using End1, End2, or End3. In this custom end, you can encounter enemies like the End Dragon, Phantom Swarms, or the mighty Shulker Stone. Of course, some of them also drop new items!
Important: If you die, you will lose your items, so be careful!

The End Event will be available until Jan. 16, 2021, so you have until then to loot the End.

The Nether

The Nether is now home to a new mob, which some of you may know from the Minecraft Mobvote 2017. We are talking about the Hovering Inferno, the Blaze King, who can now spawn in Nether forts. In addition, there is a new structure in the Nether, the Prehistoric Beast. This one is very rare but brings you new interesting items and spawners. Have fun searching ;)


We've also been hearing that Herobrine is now accompanied by four helpers and drops a new limited item to whoever defeats him. Be warned though, attacking Herobrine could mean certain death for you!

New Items

There are a total of 6 new special items that you can now collect in various ways. A strong trident, two sickles, a lucky pickaxe, the helmet of strength as well as a new strengthened potion. 

Finally, big thanks to @Odrisun for designing the update, @Wolle8 and @Leoooon for helping with the content development, @HttpMarco and @lukas81298 for implementing the feature, and the internationalization team for translating this update. 

To another 2 years of CityBuild!
Your GommeHD.net server team