11 YEARS GOMMEHD.NET | Anniversary 2023

Written by einJqn

Heyho Minecraft friends,

another year has passed and our server network reaches the eleventh anniversary. Of course, this has to be celebrated like every year! In the course of the anniversary, you can expect eleven quests, three contests, an event livestream hosted by GommeHD and many other smaller events that take place in various game modes.


Quests & Contests

This year you can expect a lot of quests and contests, with which we can celebrate the anniversary together. GommeHD is waiting for you at the spawn in the main lobby, who will also present new tasks every day for eleven days. If you complete tasks, you will even receive a small gift for each completed task! If you complete the daily task on all eleven days, you can even look forward to an exclusive cosmetic. Day 2, 8 and 10 will see the start of day-specific competitions, which you can also view via GommeHD at the spawn. Compete against other players and reach the podium to win prizes in the form of ranks or gold.

Because there are 11 months of Supremium, 11 months of Premium & 1111 Gold available per contest. The exact tasks will be announced on the day of the contest.


11 months: Supremium: DxmonFoxx, Legit53, aesthatic
11 months: Premium: deadston3, hypecrafter, huschen
1111 gold: xBlaubeere, WordsLeonieNeed, 72Yuui

CityBuild Head Hunt & MoneyMaker Event

We can also celebrate the event together in CityBuild. A total of 50 valuable heads have been hidden in the lobby. Meet the anniversary NPC at the CityBuild spawn, because he will give you an exclusive collectible item afterwards, if you have found all the hidden heads. 

In MoneyMaker there will also be a big party! All players will receive a temporary +11% boost to their mines, which should give your mining empire a big boost for the anniversary. Likewise, all players in the farming cave have an 11% higher chance of finding boosters.

Likewise, the gifts in the mines have been replaced with balloons. This also affects the booster gifts in the Farming Cave.


Extreme BedWars & SurvivalGames

In the course of the anniversary we have also taken care of a 2x25 BedWars event as well as a 64x1 SurvivalGames event. The already well-known map "Airships" from last year is available for BedWars. For SurvivalGames the maps "Tatooine" and "GommePark" are available. 

The signs for the respective maps are located at the spawn. So grab your friends, create a party and join us for a round! Maybe we'll even play a round or two in the event livestream.

Lobby + Gommunity with Memory Corridor in anniversary style

For the eleventh anniversary, of course, a correspondingly redecorated lobby and community may not be missing! They now appear in bright colors and especially with lots of balloons. 

Especially in the Gommunity, a lot of work was put into the Memory Corridor, which was completely rebuilt just last year! Because this was expanded and populated with the events of the past year. With the help of a WebAudio client, never-before-told background stories from GommeHD itself can be revealed to you, showing you the history of the network.

Event Livestream

Also this year there will be a livestream from GommeHD on the GommeHD Twitch channel. This starts at 9 pm and will probably last a few hours. In the livestream we will play some rounds of the event greats from BedWars and SurvivalGames, celebrate together with the community and see what else happens spontaneously. So be there and celebrate together with the server team!

Shop Promotion: Lifetime Premium

During the day, the Lifetime Premium rank will be added again in our shop. This promotion is available for a total of 11 days. After 11 days the offer will be removed from the store. So take the chance!


Finally, of course, we wish you a lot of fun and hope that we can enjoy the 11th birthday of GommeHD.net together. We would like to say a special thank you to all of you for your daily support, be it through active playing or even purchases in our store. A big thanks also goes to all active youtubers and streamers who promote our network on social networks. Special praise also goes to our team members who invest a lot of time every day to create a pleasant environment for all players on the network. Thank you for #11yearsGommeHDnet <3!

Special thanks to Kaooot and LinuxServer for the technical implementation of the event, and to jsnmoin, yanno3000, KissenschlachtLP and einJqn for the conceptualization. Also, special thanks to our build team for the rebuilt maps and to MazerSama for expanding the Aisle of Memory. For the design we would like to thank Zunano, Abgxlehnt and 4zig and for the great anniversary video maisuee.

With kind regards

Your GommeHD.net Team