1.16 SkyWars Bee Kit

Heyho everyone,

today we have very good news for players of our 1.16 variant of SkyWars: 
Introducing the new and free bee kit, which makes use of a variety of previously unused features!

What abilities does the bee kit have?
You constantly leave behind a trail of sticky honey. Furthermore, you are accompanied by 3 bees, through which your opponents get an anaphylactic shock when stung. This leads to your opponents no longer being able to move for 2 seconds! 
If one of your bees dies, it respawns within 60 seconds. (We can't let them go extinct!) 

We hope you like this new kit and have fun playing! 

A big thank you goes to @Summerfeeling for the technical realisation, to @Maariuus for the picture, to @ImTxm for the trailer and to  @Nickkel for planning the update day.

Sweet regards
Your GommeHD.net server team