1.16 SkyWars | Kit-Balancing

Heyho Minecraft friends,

we're happy to present you a kit balancing update for 1.16 SkyWars. A total of 12 out of 16 kits have been reworked and the Sponge has received a new feature.

Kit adjustments
Minor adjustments have been made to various kits and available items. They allow kits such as Enderman and Stomper to become more attractive, but also serve as a nerf for others such as the Ninja kit.

- Nerf: Removed rockets as starting items

- Added: base teleporter as a new starting item
- Added: 33% chance to get two Ender Pearls after killing a player

- Added: Healing potion as a new starting item

- Buff: The Diamond Sword with Sharpness II has been replaced with a Sharpness II Netherite Sword

- Nerf: Increased cooldown on the Ninja ability from 10s to 25s
- Buff: Diamond Axe has been enchanted with Sharpness I and now has Durability II

- Buff: The Iron Leggings have been upgraded to Diamond Leggings

- Buff: ability cooldown has dropped from 50s to 35s

- Buff: Trident now has the enchantment Riptide III
- Buff: Increased Trident durability from 35 to 45
- Added: Potion of Underwater Breathing as a new starting item

- Buff: Crossbow now has Piercing II instead of Piercing I
- Buff:  Increased amount of starting items (4 fireworks and 7 poison)
- Added: Quick Charge II enchantment

- Rework: Shulker Boxes can no longer be placed but instead open directly from the inventory
- Buff: Increased amount of Shulker Boxes from 1 to 3

- Buff: Doubled stomp damage

- Added: 33% chance of receiving one Netherite bar per kill
- Added: 10 EXP Bottles + Netherite Axe as new starting items


- Increased the probability of finding sponges in chests
- Mining wet sponges now automatically gives you dry sponges.

We're looking forward to any shared feedback on the 1.16 SkyWars balancing in our forum. We would like to thank the community for participating in our balancing survey. Additionally, we would like to thank Nickkel for the conception, lvkaas for the technical implementation and i18n for the translation of the update. A big thanks also goes to Maariuus for the awesome design and the QS team for the numerous testing.

Your GommeHD.net Team