1.16 SkyWars | Global Events

Heyho everyone,

we are excited to present our newest update to our game mode 1.16 SkyWars. This update introduces a variety of random events that can occur in the middle of a game.


There are a total of six events, which can occur shortly after a game has started. Before an event takes place, the player will be alerted by a sound as well as a message in the chat. Multiple events can occur in a single game, but there is a cooldown before another event can start. The events have different probabilities to occur, which is why very strong events tend to occur less frequently.

  • Chest refill (tier I / II)

All tier I / II chests get refilled with new items. This allows all players to obtain new and better equipment!

  • Full life

Every player is fully healed

  • Loot drop

The loot drop should already be known, but now it had been reworked to an event. This means that it can now only appear as an event. At the end of a loot drop, you can obtain a chest full of useful items.

  • Regeneration

Every player receives the Regeneration I effect for 10 seconds. This could be very useful in some battles.

  • Armor upgrade

A random piece of armor gets upgraded by one increment for every single person. If that particular piece of armor is already made of Netherite, a weaker piece of armor gets upgraded instead.

  • Weapon upgrade

Each player's strongest sword gets upgraded by one increment. If you already have a Netherite sword, another weapon from your inventory gets upgraded instead.


Finally, we wish you lots of fun and hope that the events will play out in your favor. We would like to give a huge thanks to Pr0xy and Nickkel for conceptualizing the update, t0mse for the technical implementation, and the QA team for testing the update. Also a big thank you to the i18n team for their translations, Maariuus for the amazing design as well as laufe and zShikira for the wonderful trailer.

With best regards
Your GommeHD.net team