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Heyho Minecraft friends,

with great pleasure we can present you a brand new update for our game mode SpeedUHC today. As many of you have already requested, the game mode has been updated to Minecraft version 1.20.1. You can expect a leveling system as well as some new achievements, a customized waiting lobby and much more!

Adjustment of the scenarios

Let's start with the customization of the scenarios. You can expect the "Shieldless" scenario, which has been added to 1.20. Within this scenario it is not possible to make a shield let alone use it. At the same time, the scenarios "NoClean", "Diamondless" and "Rodless" have been removed due to dissatisfaction and non-use in the newer versions. 

All scenarios have also received a description in the voting inventory. This means that all players now know exactly which scenarios trigger what.

Adjustment of the farm phase

A lot has happened in the farm phase as well! There are now a total of six different Nether Structures that are randomly placed beneath the earth of the world. Each Nether structure represents a current Nether biome. As a result, there is now much more variety in the structures. Likewise, you can find Netherite Bars in the Nether Structures, which gives you a chance to craft upgraded equipment, giving you an advantage over other players.

At the same time, all players now get the "Favor of the Dolphin" effect in the farming phase, in addition to the Resistance and Haste effects.

Level system

The already known level system from SkyWars has now been implemented in SpeedUHC. Through kills, wins, achievements and many rounds, everyone now has the opportunity to earn a permanent level within SpeedUHC. The more you play, the higher your level! 

This level system exists next to the "normal" stats and can therefore be considered separately. It is distinguished between the following levels:


New achievements

Ten brand new achievements have been added in this update. So, due to the level system, you should definitely complete them to get extra XP. 

So the achievements "And BOOM!", "Sniper", "Speedrunner", "Shooter", "Welcome to the Future", "Explorer", "In Top Form", "Yes, No Life", "Sure of Victory" and "Milestone" are not to be missed!

Deathmatch Customization & Maps

In Deathmatch, the end has now been completely removed by an end point. However, if none of the surviving players die in Deathmatch when the Border is at a minimum, the player who caused the most damage in Deathmatch will win after time expires. This should make wins by chance a thing of the past!

Besides this customization, you can look forward to three brand new maps and many customized maps!

New Maps


by GommeHD.net build team (BitConi)



by GommeHD.net build team (m0riLp)



von GommeHD.net-Buildteam (TREM_27)

Adjusted Maps











Change of the lap sizes

Last but not least, the former 12x3 and 9x4 lap sizes have been removed. The size 36x1 were changed to 16x1, the size 18x2 to 8x2. So the rounds should not look so empty anymore.


Finally, we wish you a lot of fun and hope you like the SpeedUHC on the latest version. Feedback on the biomass generation, the ore generation and all other things can be given here. You can find more detailed information in the changelog.

With best regards
Your GommeHD.net Team


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