SkyWars 1.20 | Map & Balancing Update

Written by DerAutist

Heyho minecraft friend,

with this new 1.20 SkyWars update you can expect a lot of new content! The update includes nine new maps, minor gameplay changes and balanced all kits!

» 9 New Maps

Thanks to the work of the build team and map submissions from players, you will receive nine more maps. However, in order not to overload the map pool, some maps will be replaced. But don't worry! They will be back in the future.

Those are the new maps:

  • Biomes (8x1) by DerAutist
  • Romanus (8x1) by Runn1n9
  • Coconut (8x1) by DerAutist
  • Forest (8x1) by jukua
  • Strasbourg (8x1) by DerAutist
  • Mesa (8x1) by BitConi
  • Snowflake (4x2) by juzoukun
  • Beehive (4x2) by BitConi
  • Civilization (8x4) by Runn1n9

» Gameplay Changes

If only two teams are still alive, a premature Border will now start! However, this is significantly larger than the normal Border, which still exists. The size of this premature border varies depending on the map and is intended to move the players to the center of the map in order to reduce the delay of rounds. To also prevent camping in the void with various kits, a countdown has been added, after which players who are below level 0 automatically die. This countdown is 5 seconds.

Likewise, all players will now receive a notification in their action bar when they have no more kit uses available

» Balancing

Many kits have been reworked or rebalanced:

  • The starting uses of the “Goat”, “Warden”, “Grappling Hook”, “Phantom” and “Cloud” kits have been increased.
  • The cloud of the cloud kit can now also protect a player from falling. However, the player will still receive fall damage if they fall onto their cloud platform.
  • The sniper kit now receives an additional poison dart after each kill.
  • The Poseidon Kit's trident can now also be used on land by throwing it at your opponent. As a result, the opponent is hit by a lightning bolt. The trident can still be used in water.
  • The bandit kit has been removed.

» Final Words

Last but not least, we would like to thank you once again for playing on the network! Thanks also to everyone who contributed to this update. We hope you enjoy the update and as always, please feel free to leave feedback on anything.

With kind regards,
your GommeHD.net-Team




Developer ImTxm
Content (Building) BitConi
Content (Building) jukua
Content (Building) juzoukun
Content (Game Design) DerAutist
Content (Public Relations) Zunano
Content (Qualitätssicherung) debandiete