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UHC Meetup

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How to Play

The UHC Meetup game mode is based on the well-known UHC game mode, skipping the farm phase in this type of mode.

Waiting Lobby

In the waiting lobby, you first have the opportunity to vote for one of five scenarios. You can open the inventory with the paper on the first slot in the hotbar. Once you have opened this, you can activate one of the scenarios by clicking on a dye. The green dye symbolizes the scenarios you voted for and enchanted items show the activated scenarios in the round. You can access the activated scenarios ingame with the command /scenario.

Round Procedure

The game starts with everyone getting random equipment and spawning on a map with Border. All players spawn spread out on the map and now have to prove themselves against each other. The Border shrinks every few minutes so you need to be careful of it, as you will receive damage every second if you are caught up by it. However, the course of a round can be changed by game types and scenarios.


Each game type strongly interferes with the gameplay and can, if necessary, change the goal of the game. Team sizes can also change from round to round depending on game type. You can find a complete list of game types here


In contrast to game types, scenarios only slightly intervene in the game and therefore only change minor details in the game. You can find a complete list of scenarios here