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How to Play

OITC is located in the Gamezone and can be reached via the lobby navigator with the bow.
This is an FFA version of the OneInTheChamber game mode. This means that it is an endless game mode without a clearly defined end of the round, in which everyone fights against everyone. Teams are therefore forbidden.

The players have the following equipment:
  • Wooden sword
  • Bow: Hits with the bow kill instantly. After each kill you get one extra arrow
You can edit the order of the items in the hotbar during the round with the command "/inv".

If you kill a player in this mode, your killstreak will increase by one point.

If you are killed by a hit from a bow or sword, you lose your killstreak.

During the game you will receive messages about killstreaks or similar in the chat. You can also see some important information like your current killstreak or your record in the scoreboard.

There is also a ranking in OITC, which is sorted by the number of kills. With the command "/top" you can look up the top 5 of the ranking, with the conventional stats commands you can also look up the other statistics


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