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20 Feb. 2016
These rules act in addition to the General rules
§1 Applicability of these rules
  1. These rules apply to the TeamSpeak³-Server in addition to the General rules of the network.
  2. By joining the TeamSpeak³-Server, the user accepts these additional rules as well as the General rules and agrees to abide by them.

§2 Punishments
  1. Possible penalties in addition to §2 section 4 of the General rules are:
    • Deletion of channels

§3 General guidelines
  1. Appropriate and respectful interaction with other users must be ensured. For example, an appropriate volume is to be used. Likewise, disruptive noises, soundboards or voice distorters are prohibited.
  2. Repeatedly entering and leaving channels within a short period of time (channel hopping) is prohibited.
  3. The use of additional labeling in the name, which does not directly belong to the name itself, for example in form of a prefix or name tag is prohibited.
  4. The broadcast of any private communication is prohibited. This includes, for example, prank calls.
  5. Recording without the explicit consent of all participants of the respective channel is prohibited.
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