BedWars Classic A comprehensive English guide to comebacks in BW


3 Feb. 2017
First of all, I’ve been a long time lurker in this community. I hope you don’t mind my English language since I’m not German and can’t really communicate in your native language very well.

So, first things first – you are in a scenario where your bed was destroyed and you’re the only person on your team left. The guidelines that I will provide you with can be used in a multiple people party too but it’s easier to explain if we agreed to think you’re the only one left.

First thing you do – identify the possibility of winning the game. Just be honest. From what I know, you can win a game against 4 people teams max. You can’t outnumber 6 or 10 people teams. If you really think you can pull this game out of your ass, continue. If not, it’s actually probably best to not waste time and leave lol. I know this is a shitty way to start a guide, but there are certain limits that are not possible to pass through. Like, come on.

The main 2 problems of being the one without a bed are these:

· Lack of map pressure

· The resource timer or, as I like to call it, TRT

We’ll look into these one by one and try to decide on the best course of action. First I’m going to introduce you to the necessary term – TRT.

The resource timer indicates how long it’ll take for the enemy team to gather the needed resources before you will be overpowered and overthrown, and, ultimately, killed. This timer is affected by:

· The number of players in all of the teams

· The map – does it generate gold in base?

· The middle area and the amount of gold it drops

· The amount of teams left

So, Map pressure.

The basic concept of pressuring the map is creating a dangerous area to others, thus forcing them to be careful and limiting their movements on the map. This is why capturing the mid area gives the controlling team an advantage because as soon as they get a bow, their map pressure excels above and beyond everyone else’s – that’s because they have a range advantage on you.

The first thing you have to look at is the player number in the game. While winning 8x1, 4x2, 4x3 and sometimes even 4x4 is possible, if it’s a 4x6 or 2x10, etc. map where the enemies have a big numbers advantage, you’re fucked. That’s because your map pressure is only a small part of what the enemy has. For example – in 2x4 you only have 25% pressure the enemy team has, in 4x6 – 5.5%, etc. It’s okay if there are more than one team left because they might just wipe themselves out and you can swoop in and take the victory, but if it’s you against a full team of 6 people that are the only other players left, it’s not possible.

Why is map pressure important?

· It’s obvious that almost no way in hell can you take a 10 person team alone. They will fuck you up even if they have no gear. You’re screwed before that happens. BUT you can take a 2 or 3, sometimes 4 people team if you’re good enough.

· Your wiggle room. The space you can operate in. In a 2x10 map you won’t have shit to operate in because they’ll track your ass down in 2 minutes or less but in smaller lobbies you can do more stuff before being noticed, gather more resources, etc. etc.

· The siege potential. This is where TRT comes into play. The amount of resources needed for the enemy team to overthrow you differs judging by the conditions I wrote above. The siege potential is the max amount of time you have to siege if you’re the one with the most pressure, before they ultimately fuck you up because they gear up and outnumber you. Unless you’re a god or a hacker, this time is limited.

So since we’ve identified the main cause of your problems, how do we deal with them?

· Go aggressive most of the time. Don’t close into your base and fortify it. This makes you have close to no pressure on the map (if any) and makes TRT go faster because your enemies control the other bases with no opposition and need much less time to outgear you. Basing will never work. It’s good in the short term but worse in the long one. It’s not playing to win, it’s playing not to lose. Pressure is everything.

· Only be passive if the teams are clashing between each other. No point to get into the war of the titans, if your enemies are doing your job for you, let them be. You being in the middle and shooting everyone might be good for a while but you’re not going to win this way.

· If an enemy team’s players all leave the base to siege someone else, punish it. If they leave all the people or leave 1-2 guards, go for it. Now’s your chance to turn the tables around. You can easily take 1-2 people by yourself and be a hero.

· Get a bow. This is probably the most important thing you have to do. Without a bow you have no pressure regardless of where you are. Even if you’re sieging their base, they can rush at you unpunished. Even if they only get 1-2 hits in, they can do this repeatedly until you die because you have no push power to push them back. A bow makes you have pick potential to snipe them off unexpectedly, siege potential and siege resist, etc. etc. Without a bow, you will not win.

· Deny resources. This is a harder one to do because it heavily depends on the map. If iron & gold do not spawn in the initial spawn area, you have the possibility to starve your enemies of resources (e.g. Balloons, Rustic maps). That means killing your enemy and then killing them again when they try to reach the iron so they can’t even gear up and can’t resist you. This is hard to do alone but very effective if pulled off because you weaken them so much that there comes a point where you can straight up destroy them.

· Don’t stay at your own base. This is for a few reasons. The main advantage of being bedless is that you can act unpredictably. You know where your enemy will 90% be but they don’t know which base you will be in. You can take any base if they’re empty. If shit goes south, you’ll be able to recall and switch your position which you wouldn’t be able to do if you were in your own base to start with.

So now, let’s say that now you’re acting aggressive, you have the upper hand and all of the above. The next part is sieging. Sieging is hard because they have a number’s advantage. A few tips for sieging:

· Be a little bit above the flat ground so they have to jump up to you, thus giving you more chances to shoot them before they reach you but don’t be very high because you’ll lose the resource denial game since you won’t have a good angle to shoot them below you.

· Push bow is your best friend.

· Every time you have a spare second, push a little bit further. It doesn’t matter if it’s even like 4-5 blocks because repeat this a few times and you’ll be there in no time. Build around yourself because suicide knockback charges will become more frequent as you come closer.

· Jump boost and speed pots make sieging much easier since you can jump 2 blocks and outrun your enemy thus you don’t have to make stairs like usually so you can waste your enemies’ time.

· Be quick enough so they don’t get a chance to gear up if they generate resources in their base.

I don’t know what else to really advise you on since these are the fundamental mechanics of a usual comeback. So, to summarize, be quick, be aggressive and get a bow. This was quite fun to create and I might do more in the future. Leave any feedback below, I’d be thankful.

Also, I’ve been trying to get into streaming, so if you want to join me in my stream, I’ll be happy to teach you more advanced tactics of the game. I'll talk in english though.
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